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Email Session

I provide the convenience of Email Therapy.


This is done at your pace and need. I will respond to all Emails within 3 business days (Weekends and Holidays excluded). If there is a reason why I am not able to respond in that time frame, I will let you know and when you can expect my response.


Please use the SIGN UP button below. I will provide you with a Secure Email Address where you can send your correspondence once I receive your request.


You will receive instructions on how to set up a free account through SendInc, which will provide us with a private server to communicate through.   

I will collect your payment before you send your Email. If you are a new client, I will also email you a Welcome packet with a basic intake form and consent forms. 


If you have any questions, please contact my office. Thank you. 




                               $150 per Email you send

                             $995 Unlimited per Month

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