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Rates for Counseling

Rates for Counseling 

Individual Session In Office -$85.00 (50min) Video Call Session-$85.00 (50min

EMDR Therapy In Office-$155.00 (90min)


Sliding Fee for In Office Counseling Clients Only

A fee reduction may be available based on financial hardship and income scale. Please contact the office for more information and to discuss your needs.  You will have to provide documentation.


Cancellation Policy

Please understand that I reserve my time for you. I require cancellation of all appointments 24 hours before your scheduled appointment, so that I will have the opportunity to fill that time with another client. Failure to properly cancel or show up for your appointment will incur a full session fee. If you think illness or inclement weather may be a factor to session attendance, please call the day of the appointment by 7am at 423-481-0881  to let me know. You may change your appointment from In Office to a Telephone, or Video Call appointment instead of missing the appointment all together.


Phone Call Policy for Counseling Clients

In general, for non-emergency or non-life threatening concerns, I prefer the client to wait until their next appointment to discuss issues that arise. If you cannot get a sooner appointment and the issue cannot wait, I will accept brief phone calls.


EMDR clients please call if you are concerned after an EMDR session; You do not need to wait.


Suicidal clients should call 911;1-800-Suicide;, or local emergency room to get immediate help. I cannot provide emergency services or after hours care. 


Court Appearances or Requests for Letters

I do not make appearances in Court as a general policy. All client privacy and confidentiality is not protected in Court. If I am subpoenaed to attend a Court proceeding, the rate is $300.00 an hour billed round-trip door to door. Letters pertaining to the Court case are billed for basic letter at $50.00 a letter and in-depth requests at $150.00 a letter. Please keep in mind that I am not deemed a court appointed expert for Child Custody cases and will not testify in that capacity.


Returned Checks/Credit Card Payments

A charge of $75.00 will be incurred for any Non-Sufficient Funds check or disputed Credit Card Payment, in addition to the full session fee. 

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