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We Need Your Help! 

We can't do it alone. Please prayerfully consider supporting our ministry. 


We rely on our partners to help us provide much needed services to the community and around the world. We offer scholarships to those with financial needs for our healing retreats.

We are currently looking to purchase a new facility that will be better suited to provide a variety of different types of Healing Retreats. Your donations will make this possible.


We also support various organizations dedicated to the mental health needs of the poor around the world.


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Current Projects

Healing Retreats Center

~We provide healing retreats in a variety of areas. We are looking to purchase or build a permanent facility so that we will be able to offer more services in an ongoing basis. 

Scholarship Funding

We do not want financial hardship to stand in anyone's way to attend one of our healing retreats. We rely on donations from our partners to be able to provide scholarships to those who are interested in a healing retreat,  but are unable to afford services. 

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